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The graphics are phenomenal and the gore and horror is brilliant.

The actual game is One of the best Games on ps4. The actual game is not about what you think. Also the butterfly effect is fantastic. Never played anything quite like it. It looks absolutely stunning. Feels truly next gen. Definitely a game every PS4 owner should play at Never played anything quite like it. Definitely a game every PS4 owner should play at least once. The storyline is your typical cheesy teen horror film, but it does actually have a unique twist to it. However, I do feel the twist changed The storyline is your typical cheesy teen horror film, but it does actually have a unique twist to it.

However, I do feel the twist changed the tone of the game and made it a little bit weaker.

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Character plotlines and storylines don't make sense after this. Gameplay is typical Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls type of gameplay though not made by the same company. A game I recommend if you don't mind playing an interactive movie and if you're a horror fan. If the controversial cancellation of Silent Hills, and P. T getting pulled from the PlayStation store left a bad taste in your mouth, then If the controversial cancellation of Silent Hills, and P. T getting pulled from the PlayStation store left a bad taste in your mouth, then Until Dawn will be a good palette cleanser.

The story follows a bunch of cocky teenagers who end up in an abandoned Ski field.

Until Dawn Dev Explains Avoiding a Sequel, Dark Pictures Anthology Allows for More Freedom

Throughout the game, the teenagers will be attacked and chased by: a murderer, a ghost, and a creepy monster-thing. And it will be your choices that determine whether this group of cocky teenagers live or die, and your choices actually have a meaningful effect on the story! Another thing that makes Until Dawn great is that the story behind why the ghost is attacking you, or why the ghost is haunting you, these facts are not handed to you, you have to search for clues in the environment that explain what's going on. Overall, Until Dawn is a solid horror game and a solid interactive game, buy It if you loved P.

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T … Expand. Play Video. Until Dawn - Gamescom Trailer. Until Dawn - Teaser Trailer. Until Dawn - Valentine's Day Trailer. Essential Links. The game first appeared at Gamescom , with a trailer and gameplay footage being shown to the public. The gameplay footage focused on Mike and Jessica as they head towards a secluded cabin to have sex and be away from their friends. Soon after they arrive at the cabin, Jessica is dragged out a window by an unidentified assailant and Mike pursues her all the way to a mine shaft, only to discover her dead body on an elevator lift. The footage concluded with Mike about to be attacked by an unknown man.

Actions and Detail Panel

With the game unreleased as came to a close, reports surfaced that Until Dawn was canceled. This was denied by developer Supermassive Games, who stated the game would be out at a later date. Until Dawn reappeared at Gamescom , where it was revealed the game was now a PlayStation 4 exclusive and took place in a third-person perspective. The DualShock 4's motion sensor replaced the PlayStation Move for controlling the player's flashlight, and the torch feature was dropped for a more traditional level approach, with the characters becoming playable in different parts of the game.

This demo ended with the two in a deadly trap and Chris forced to either shoot Ashley or himself to stop the trap. Another trailer and demo were released in December Intended to highlight the game's more action-oriented side as opposed to the previous demo, which dealt with moral decisions , the demo placed players in the role of Sam during an encounter with the killer. Sam could either die, be knocked out, or escape by the demo's end. A fourth trailer was released on Valentine's Day, which paid attention to the romantic relationships between the eight characters.

On May 26th, , the game's release date was confirmed to be August 25th, This announcement coincided with a new trailer, which revealed the presence of Dr. Hill , a psychiatrist portrayed by Peter Stormare. It also announced a pre-order bonus which would include a bonus scene between Matt and Emily in the mountains, soon learning that they aren't alone.

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Multiple additions of the game were confirmed, which will include a standard edition of the game, an extended edition, and a steelbook edition. At E3 , a demo was shown that followed Emily and Matt while they traveled to the radio tower in hopes of signaling for help. Depending on the choices made, Matt could be knocked off of a cliff or impaled on a fish hook, and Emily would fall off of the radio tower. On July 13, , Supermassive Games allowed certain video game reviewers to post ten minutes of footage.

This footage included a video with showed the prologue of the game, where Beth searched for her sister Hannah after some of the survivors played a prank on her, an updated version of the original video where Jessica and Mike head up to the cabin to have sex, only for Jessica to be captured and possibly killed, and several other nine to ten minute segments of gameplay footage.

It received an aggregated score of Most of the criticism the game drew were concerning the story, mostly the second half, camera angles, character movements and partially linear plot. The game sold 1. The Press Kit features a copy of the game, a booklet with information on Blackwood Pines, as well as a guidebook, a local map, location postcards and a class confidential page, with elaborate information and details on the characters.

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  4. Contents [ show ]. Ashley and Chris. Chris facing a dilemma. Sam being antagonized by The Psycho. Ashley holding scissors in fear. Mike in the shed. Jessica looking through a telescope. Matt and Emily. Matt in a critical scenario. Digital Spy. Retrieved September 5, Game Debate. Retrieved November 30, Until Dawn - Halloween Trailer. Critic Reviews.

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    Score distribution:. Positive: 86 out of Mixed: 16 out of Negative: 1 out of Until Dawn is a damn near perfect game, which just breathes horror on every level. The game puts you in control of a group of teens and terrifies you while doing so. This is a must have if you own a PlayStation 4. All this publication's reviews Read full review. Game Informer.

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    The script kept me entertained and feeling like my decisions mattered throughout my hour playthrough. Thanks to some good twists, a few fake-outs, and limitless jump scares, Until Dawn would make a solid horror film. As a piece of interactive fiction, however, it's a remarkable experience that horror fans shouldn't miss.

    Arcade Sushi. At first glance, a good video game adaptation of the classic horror slasher with outstanding performances, graphic design, and especially huge number of options to help you experience a different story every time you play. Despite the stereotypical characters and some uninspired phases, Until Dawn offers an engaging and tense experience, thanks to the good atmosphere and to the moral choices related to the butterfly effect. Digital Spy. Despite the butterfly effect's premise, a ham-fisted story means you won't care about who might live and who might die.

    It's not enough to save the game from disappointment, and in the end, Until Dawn is its own self-inflicted nightmare. User Reviews.

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