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Back in Kirk's quarters, Moreau reappears, wearing a much more seductive outfit. She admits to being a bit out of practice and laments that it's difficult for her to appear perfectly as a woman constantly. Kirk says that he's never seen any woman come closer to perfection. She says she remembers how he used to talk that way. Kirk says he still does. When she asks for proof, Kirk says he has to go. Moreau is angry about being put off for one task or another. She then realizes that their relationship must be over.

Moreau tells Kirk that Commander Kenner will take her for a time. When she prepares to call a yeoman for assistance to move out, Kirk tells her that's unnecessary. Moreau wonders if Kirk is feeling sorry for her. Then she demands a transfer, saying on the Enterprise she's humiliated but on another ship she can hunt for another man.

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She then says she's got her rank, that she's been a captain's woman and she likes it, and if it requires she go through every officer in the fleet, she'll be one again. Kirk says she could, and when Moreau turns to strike him, Kirk stops her and tells her he simply meant that Moreau could be anything she wanted to be. He then kisses her very passionately.

Moreau says it's been a long time since he kissed her like that and based on Kirk's mercy toward Spock and toward her, calls him a stranger. She then asks if she's his woman. Kirk tells her she's the captain's woman until he says she's not. He then leaves their quarters.

Moreau turns on the Tantalus field and watches Kirk go into the turbolift. In the turbolift, Kirk calls Uhura and tells her that Scott should be calling her soon. He asks if she's prepared; she says she is, and that she will do her best to keep Sulu distracted. Kirk wishes her good luck and then closes the channel. At this point, Scott and McCoy have climbed up into a Jefferies tube and, just before Scott begins to make the alterations, he signals Uhura. Uhura walks down to Sulu and chides him for not being very persistent, reminding him that he's ignoring the rules of the game.

She's supposed to protest and then he's supposed to come back. Sulu puts his arms around her and tells her she's making sense now. Uhura says she was getting bored, but of course this isn't the time. Sulu, meanwhile, is kissing Uhura's neck and tells her any time's a good time. While he is kissing her, the beep on his console from Scott's work is detected, but goes unnoticed. When the beep stops, she smiles, backs away and then backhands Sulu back into his seat, telling him she's changed her mind again.

An angry Sulu tells her she takes a lot of chances, but Uhura draws her knife and tells Sulu he does, too. She keep Sulu at bay with her knife and has one of the relief officers take over for her and she leaves the bridge.

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While in the turbolift, she contacts Scott and tells him that it's all clear and she's headed for sickbay. In the transporter room, Kirk is working on unlocking the controls on the transporter console when Spock steps in and detains him. After confiscating Kirk's weapon, Spock asks Kirk what he's doing, but Kirk will give no information and tells Spock to go ahead and shoot him. Spock says that Kirk is too inflexible and disciplined once he's made up his mind.

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Conversely, Dr. McCoy is sentimental and soft, so he'll be able to get the information he needs from him. Kirk threatens Spock, but Spock reminds Kirk that he's the one with the phaser and he does not intend to simply disappear as so many of Kirk's opponents have previously.

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Spock then leads Kirk to sickbay, where he finds the rest of the landing party waiting on Kirk. Kirk turns and attacks Spock and the others join in. Spock is able to handle all four rather easily, although Kirk does put up more of a fight than the others.

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Finally, Uhura hands Kirk a ceramic which he smashes over Spock's head, rendering him unconscious. Scott tells Kirk they have maybe 15 minutes to go and McCoy demands they help him get Spock on the examination table as Spock will die without immediate treatment. After complying, Kirk asks Scott if everything's ready for them to go; Scott says it is and tries to get McCoy to hurry, as they are risking not going home. McCoy says they have time and tells Scott to shut up.

McCoy asks Kirk if he should stop, but that his work will only take a minute. Kirk mentions that this Spock is very much like their own Spock, and that McCoy can continue. Just then, Sulu walks in with three security guards.

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When Kirk asks what he is doing, Sulu says that Spock is going to succeed in his order to kill Kirk Kirk will also appear to have killed Spock after a fierce battle. Sulu calls it regrettable, but it will leave him as captain. As Kirk and company prepare to defend themselves against Sulu, one of Sulu's henchmen suddenly disappears.

Back in Kirk's quarters, Marlena has been monitoring Kirk ever since he left their quarters and she has learned who he really is. She vaporizes the other guards, leaving Sulu alone to fight Kirk, and Kirk knocks out Sulu fairly easily. Scott tells Kirk they only have ten minutes. Kirk tells McCoy that his time is up, but McCoy can't let Spock die and asks for only five minutes; he guarantees he'll be there. After Kirk and the others leave, McCoy gives Spock a hypo which wakes him up.

Spock then grabs McCoy's arm and asks why Kirk has let him live. McCoy won't answer him, so Spock backs McCoy up against a wall and then mind melds with him. In the transporter room, Marlena is waiting on the landing party. Kirk sends Scott to activate the transporter and expresses gratitude to Marlena for saving them. Marlena asks Kirk to take her with him. Kirk says he can't, that their power is balanced for only four and if they try it with five, they could all die.

Marlena points out there are only three of them. Kirk says one is coming and that he wishes he could help her. Marlena points a phaser at Kirk then, and Kirk tells her if she kills them, she'll still stay. Uhura approaches her from behind and quickly disarms Marlena. Kirk asks for the time and Scott tells them they have five minutes when suddenly the power cuts.

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Kirk asks if auxiliary power will work and Scott says getting the power is no problem but the automatic setting is linked to the transporter main and if they bypass, someone will have to stay behind to operate the controls manually. Scott volunteers to stay, but Kirk tells him and Uhura to get to the transporter chamber. Scott begins to protest, even calling Kirk "Jim," but Kirk makes it an order and Scott reluctantly complies. Kirk goes around to the transporter controls, and then Spock enters with McCoy.

Spock has also learned the landing party's true identities through his mind meld and it was him that had the transporter power cut so they couldn't beam out before he arrived. Spock gives McCoy to Scott, and then orders engineering to reactivate the main transporter circuits. Kirk calls Spock "a man of integrity in both universes. In the two minutes and thirteen seconds that remain, Kirk asks how long before the Halkan's prediction of galactic revolt is realized. Spock, as ruthlessly logical as his counterpart, has calculated that it will occur in approximately years, and the inevitable outcome will be the overthrow of the Empire.

Kirk then challenges the "illogic" of Spock continuing to serve an Empire that he knows is certain to collapse. Kirk then asks if change is inevitable, and for the good, wouldn't logic insist that he be part of it? Spock tells Kirk one man cannot summon the future, but Kirk tells him one man can change the present. Find a logical reason for sparing the Halkans and make it stick, push till it gives! You can defend yourself better than any man in the fleet. Spock tells Kirk that a man must also have the power to effect change.

With a glance toward Moreau, Kirk reveals the existence of the Tantalus field, with which Spock will be "invincible. Kirk asks him to make the choice: the past or the future, tyranny or freedom.

Kirk then steps into the transporter chamber and then tells Spock " in every revolution, there's one man with a vision.