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Pass, East Rush Valley Station Rush Valley, Faust's Station Point Lookout, Lookout Pass Station Government Creek Station Simpson's Springs, Egan's Springs Station River Bed Station Dugway Station Black Rock Station Fish Springs Station Boyd's Station Willow Creek Station Canyon, Burnt Station Deep Creek Station. Nevada: Prairie Gate, Eight Mile Station Antelope Springs Station Spring Valley Station Schell Creek Station Egan's Canyon, Egan's Station Bates', Butte Station Mountain Spring s Station Ruby Valley Station Jacob's Well Station Diamond Springs Station Sulphur Springs Station Robert's Creek Station.

Nevada continued : Camp Station, Grub b s Well Station Dry Creek Station Simpson Park Station Reese River, Jacob's Spring Station Dry Wells Station Smith's Creek Station Castle Rock Station Edward's Creek Station Cold Springs, East Gate Station Middle Gate Station West Gate Station Sand Springs Station Sand Hill Station Carson Sink Station Williams Station Desert, Hooten Wells Station Buckland's Station Fort Churchill Station Fairview Station Mountain Well Station Stillwater Station Old River Station Bisby's Station Nevada Station Ragtown Station Desert Wells Station Miller's, Reed's Station Dayton Station Carson City Station Genoa Station Friday's, Lakeside Station.

California: Woodford's Station Fountain Place Station Yank's Station Strawberry Station Webster's, Sugar Loaf House Station Sportsman's Hall Station Placerville Station Mormon Tavern, Sunrise House Station Fifteen Mile House Station Five Mile House Station Pleasant Grove House Station Duroc Station Folsom Station Sacramento Station Benicia Station Martinez Station Oakland Station San Francisco Station. The first Westbound Pony Express trip left St. Joseph on April 3, and arrived ten days later in Sacramento, California, on April These letters were sent under cover from the East to St.

Joseph, and never directly entered the U. Today there is only a single letter known to exist from the inaugural westbound trip from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California. Post Office in , used five years later here.

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The messenger delivering the mochila from New York and Washington, DC, missed a connection in Detroit and arrived in Hannibal, Missouri , two hours late. Joseph, and the company's nearby stables on Penn Street.

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The first pouch contained 49 letters, five private telegrams, and some papers for San Francisco and intermediate points. Joseph Mayor M. Jeff Thompson , William H. Russell, and Alexander Majors gave speeches before the mochila was handed off.

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  • The St. Joseph Gazette was the only newspaper included in the bag. The identity of the first rider has long been in dispute. Nonetheless, the first westbound rider carried the pouch across the Missouri River ferry to Elwood, Kansas. Reports indicated that horse and rider crossed the river. In later rides, the courier crossed the river without a horse and picked up his mount at a stable on the other side. The first eastbound Pony Express trip left Sacramento, California, on April 3, and arrived at its destination ten days later in St. Joseph, Missouri.

    From St. Joseph, letters were placed in the U.

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    There are only two letters known to exist from the inaugural eastbound trip from San Francisco to St. As the Pony Express Mail service existed only briefly in and , few examples of Pony Express mail survive. There are only known examples of Pony Express mail. Various postmarks were added to the mail to be carried by the Pony Express at the point of departure.

    William Russell, senior partner of Russell, Majors, and Waddell and one of the biggest investors in the Pony Express, used the presidential election as a way to promote the Pony Express and how fast it could deliver the U. Prior to the election, Russell hired extra riders to ensure that fresh riders and relay horses were available along the route. On November 7, , a Pony Express rider departed Fort Kearny , Nebraska Territory the end of the eastern telegraph line with the election results.

    Riders sped along the route, over snow-covered trails and into Fort Churchill, Nevada Territory the end of the western telegraph line. California's newspapers received word of Lincoln's election only seven days and 17 hours after the East Coast papers, an unrivaled feat at the time. The Paiute War was a minor series of raids and ambushes initiated by American expansion into the territory of the Paiute Indian tribe in Nevada, which resulted in the disruption of mail services of the Pony Express.

    It took place from May through June , though sporadic violence continued for a period afterward. In the brief history of the Pony Express, it only happened once that the mail did not go through. After completing eight weekly trips from both Sacramento and Saint Joseph, the Pony Express was forced to suspend mail services because of the outbreak of the Paiute Indian War in May Approximately 6, Paiutes in Nevada had suffered during a winter of fierce blizzards that year. By spring, the whole tribe was ready to embark on a war, except for the Paiute chief named Numaga. For three days Numaga fasted and argued for peace.

    One account says the raid was a deliberate attempt to provoke war. Another says the raiders had heard that men at the station had kidnapped two Paiute women, and fighting broke out when they went to investigate and free the women. Either way, the war party killed five men and the station was burned.

    1. The Pony Express was more than twice as fast as its competitors.

    During the following weeks, other isolated incidents occurred when whites in the Paiute country were ambushed and killed. The Pony Express was a special target. Seven other express stations were also attacked; some 16 employees were killed and approximately express horses were either stolen or driven off. In June of that year, the Paiute uprising had been ended through the intervention of U. During this brief war, one Pony Express mailing, which left San Francisco on July 21, , did not immediately reach its destination.

    That mail pouch mochila did not reach St. Joseph and subsequently New York until almost two years later.

    Pony Express Historical Timeline | Pony Express Museum - St. Joseph, MO

    A famous advertisement allegedly read:. Wanted: Young, skinny, wiry fellows not over eighteen. Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred [a]. The Pony Express had an estimated 80 riders traveling east or west along the route at any given time. In addition, there were also about other employees, including station keepers, stock tenders and route superintendents. Though the riders were small, lightweight, generally teenage boys, they came to be seen as heroes of the American West.

    The identity of the first westbound rider to depart St. Joseph has been disputed, but currently most historians have narrowed it down to either Johnny Fry or Billy Richardson.

    Joseph for A. Lewis' Division which ran from St. First, Mayor M.

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    Jeff Thompson gave a brief speech on the significance of the event for St. Then William H. Russell and Alexander Majors addressed the gala crowd about how the Pony Express was just a "precursor" to the construction of a transcontinental railroad. A cannon fired, the large assembled crowd cheered, and the rider dashed to the landing at the foot of Jules Street where the ferry boat Denver , under a full head of steam, alerted by the signal cannon, waited to carry the horse and rider across the Missouri River to Elwood, Kansas Territory. Around midnight on April 14, , the first mail pouch was delivered via the Pony Express to San Francisco.

    Bringing with it was a letter of congratulations from President Buchanan to California Governor Downey along with other official government communications, newspapers from New York, Chicago, and St. Louis, along with other important mail to banks and commercial houses in San Francisco. In all, 85 pieces of mail were delivered on this first trip. James Randall is credited as the first eastbound rider from the San Francisco Alta telegraph office since he was on the steamship Antelope to go to Sacramento.

    He rode all the way to Sportsman Hall Station where he gave his mochila filled with mail to Warren Upson. The hotel operated in the late s and s by John and James Blair. A stopping place for stages and teams of the Comstock, it became a relay station of the central overland Pony Express.