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The important thing in life is not to have kids act the way you want them to act, but to teach them that it is possible for them to function, and for them to do the right them when you are not there to tell them. You can teach kids, who are afterall, human beings, responsibility. You can not teach cats responsibility. And for you Annie, I hope I have shown you why, despite the fact that many a people like cats as pets, you make a mistake when you treat a person as a cat. Sorry James but I put more credence and value on Dr.

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Hare's opinions about psychopathy than I do yours. I see a great deal of similarity between a psychopath's lack of affective empathy for his or her victims and an animal predator's lack of affective empathy for its prey. There is no remorse, no pity, and predator stalking behaviors are mirrored in the psychopath's manipulative, deceptive behaviors designed to lull the victim into a false sense of trust.

Again, nobody is advocating keeping proto-psychopathic kids or psychopathic adults drugged; I think the ideal solution is to make sure that they are simply never, ever without eyes and ears on them: never alone, even in sleep. I've read that psychopaths seem to thrive on just a few hours sleep. So each psychopath would have sets of supervisors working in 8-hour shifts. It's ironic that those who formulated psychology called it the science of behaviour, then turned around and said that man can not change his behaviour, when we know full well that that is untrue. It's ironic that someone can formulate a study based on behavior of criminals and insane, unleash those findings on the general population, and wonder why no answers are forthcoming.

Has the ironic truth ever hit you that the average citizen is not insane or a criminal? I do mean psychology and psychiatry. It's ironic that the revered Dr. Hare, whose book I have actually read, "studied only criminals and the lower dregs of society". Every one of those people that he studied was doing time in prison. His works are quoted by one and all. What they do not say, was that, his case study was done on criminals and people in jail or who should have been in jail. It's ironic that someone who calls themselves a rational being, can compare a human being, who can think, with a cat, which can not think, and insist that they are one and the same thing.

It's ironic, that when a concerned parent comes here asking what to do about their child who is getting almost impossible to control, you give them the wonderful advice that their child is a predator and they should lock them all up. Sounding pendantic does not sound nice, but perhaps it is the best tone to use when mistakes are made, which will result in a lot of problems for people, because unevaluated and false data is passed around as gospel. There is a bottom line.

You have a bunch of kids together. One kid doesn't play with the rest. Someone picks on one kid, he overreacts. What do you do? You deal with both kids! You tell one to stop picking on the other, you tell the irritable one to calm down. If he doesn't stop, send him to a neutral corner. If it doesn't work, put him some place else, or even send him to military school to shape up if he's too strong headed. If you don't have the money, then you better roll up your sleeves.

It will not be easy. It used to be this way a long time ago. Difficult kids have always been there.

Narcissistic abuse

You can crack them, but you have to make them work hard and never let them get away with anything. You will not salvage all of them, but you can get some sense into them so they are responsible. I know I have said this before, but it behooves me to say that you can not use a study formulated on the study of the Insane and criminals Psychiatry and Psychology on people who are not criminals or insane. You do not salvage people by denouncing them.

The Relationship Between Serial Killers and Childhood Abuse

Especially not kids. They're the more intelligent ones who figure out how to more successfully manipulate and use people, but sooner or later these "corporate psychopaths" screw up and get busted, usually because they can't keep track of which lies they've told to whom. Hare and his group study all kinds of psychopaths, and his PCL, the psychopathy check-list considered to be the "gold standard" of diagnostic tools for determining psychopathy has been revised and refined over the years and now has a specialized version for youths.

There are lots of psychiatrists and research psychologists whose studies appear to agree that even very young children who evidence consistently cold, callous behaviors, who show no affective empathy and no remorse for the harm they do they are cruel to other children and little animals are pretty much born that way. I agree with the author necessary from a humanitarian perspective to at least try to infuse human empathy, compassion and a conscience into such children, to see if they can become functional adults, but if the child lacks the capacity for affective empathy there isn't much hope for success at this point in time.

Hopefully continuing research will eventually discover a way to "rewire" the psychopathic brain and supply the "missing connections" that when working properly result in empathy, compassion, remorse, a conscience, etc. So, yes, I give much more credence to the opinions of those who have carefully studied hundreds and hundreds of psychopaths of all ages and all walks of life, for decades.

I told him I was co-dependent. He has leveled up to a new woman who is more wealthy has a more prestigious job, more status, more beautiful and more physically fit. He will rip out her soul and he will enjoy every moment of setting her up for it and the doing of it. Or he told me this to hurt me cause that's what I begged him to do in our relationship; to educate himself so he could do his part to make us work. His on purpose dig to me, is he is doing for the new gf, what I wished him to do for for me.

They get their thrill and their turn on from the setting up and grooming their prey and then the sadistic torturing of them and then they devalue them and discard them when they arn't any fun to torture anymore Many of these kids have impulse control disorders - they are unable to stop themselves even if they want to. I think there is a connection with drug addiction, because after all when you're high on a drug or desperate for your next fix, you're no longer responsible for your behavior.

And these are kids who don't want to be held responsible for their behavior. It's kind of a perfect solution. How is it you come to know what it is these kids -with serious clinical pathologies- "don't want"? Pretty bold Here's some bold for 'you': You're angry with someone in your life who has, or has had, a challenge with addiction.

When the psychopath is your friend

You are concerned with accountability? Then, consider your own, and engage some therapeutic support to help you facilitate 'your' sense of well being. I can attest to the genetic link as I have seen it play out in my own family across three generations. A son who is not and a daughter who is.

To what extent are psychopaths born and not made?

What is significant now that my daughter is older is her obvious lack of empathy, selfishness, lying, and manipulation. She exhibits no conscience and no remorse for hurting others. She is not violent, but she gossips and ruins reputations. She would and does figuratively throw any one who stands in her way under the bus. She says hateful and terrible things. She is very opinionated. She marries anti-social men and she has no fear of them.

6 Obstacles to a Relationship With a Psychopath | Psychology Today

She has one mode of thinking and that is sarcasm. I don't think she has had a real feeling for anyone in her life ever. She views people pretty strictly from the point of view of what she can get out of them. How can children in the same family be so completely different. There are too many cases of this out there to ignore. Grandmother has it, her child skipped, at least one of the grandchildren effected. It is a pattern that has repeated in my mother's family in cousins as well. What a great solution it would be if we could blame nurture. I loved my girl, but I know what she is now that she is approaching 40 and all the little cruelties, odd behaviors, dysfunctional relationships, lies, and callousness she has exhibited over the years only makes sense in terms of this diagnosis.

To what extent are psychopaths born and not made?

I agree with OHare, the sub-criminal psychopaths are among us and they didn't become that way due to nurture, they are born that way. How their psychopathy is expressed may be governed by the nurture somewhat, but not for certain. My daughter will not be arrested, she's too smart. She won't commit murder I expect and she's too small to be physically abusive. She will cheat, lie, steal, and manipulate people every chance she gets though and she will have no remorse, conscience, or regret about any the pain or suffering she causes others.

She has never been abusive to animals either, but she did bully her younger brother and sister. There is much that is not known or admitted about these people. I am currently reading "The Mask of Sanity" and it appears that everything we know about the psychopath was pretty much known in the s with the same conclusions My 2 older sisters tried to kill me when I was between 1 and 2 yrs.

Thinking I was dead was the only reason they stopped their attack, but they made the rest of my childhood and adulthood miserable with their teasing, beatings and putdowns. I remembered the incident about 6 months ago when I was meditating I'm 55 yrs. Mom and Dad were inattentive and in denial.

The only solace is that I never have to see any of them again. Your article was talking to non-psychopaths who DO have the ability to put themselves into other peoples positions. Psychopaths cannot do this. All of the positive "emotions" that they show are mimics of real positive emotions.

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They must manipulate others, although as with each psychopath and non-psychopath alike, they are unique in how they display. You cannot change the brain functioning of a psychopath but you CAN teach non-psychopaths how to better identify them so that THEY may be better able to protect themselves. My guess is that this may even be able to be done while still in the womb.